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Stop scam
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Robot, variator, manual or automatic? Which box is better and why?

V-belt variators (Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Qashqai)this is the most common type of such boxes today. The presence of a torque converter ensures a smooth start of movement. Such boxes are simpler and cheaper than the usual hydraulic mechanics. Approximate belt life— 150 ths.km.

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Lenovo K12 Pro review: a standalone giant with a custom display

The smartphone comes in two interesting colours: purple and grey-green. The cover of the device is made of practical plastic with a rough texture, which does not slip in the hand. The camera module is slightly protruding over the body

Review 23 / 09 / 20 Views: 137

Why Nissan Murano owners like it and why there are so few crossovers in Russia

In 2007, Nissan showed the second generation of the 2009 model year Murano at the US Auto Show. There were a lot of changes, including conceptual ones— the basis for the crossover was the D platform

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W-sv company - review of pseudo-broker w-sv.com

The legal information which W-sv obviously boasts of is sheer nonsense from beginning to end. They list a whole bunch of regulators and financial commissions, supposedly all working with W-sv. Except they don't.

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How is the Lada Granta worse and better than the Lada XRAY, and what does VAZ-2108 have to do with it?

The XRAY is also equipped with domestic engines with a working volume of 1.6 and 1.8 liters. The latter option has complaints: the engine has become "vtykov", and maslozhor is often observed. Generally speaking

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POCO X3 Pro review: a people's hit with flagship hardware

Nowadays IPS matrixes are more often installed in budget phones, so quality LCD panels can be seen more and more seldom. Surprisingly, the POCO X3 Pro has remained an 'old timer'. It has a 6.67-inch IPS screen with FHD+ resolution.

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