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The modern world as we know it today depends a great deal on the amount of oil produced. Whether in transportation, agriculture or industry, humanity burns about 100 million barrels of oil, or 15 billion liters, every day!

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Washington declared disagreement with the decision of the WTO

The United States is going against international trade rules by labeling goods imported from Hong Kong as made in China, a move made by the former Trump administration, the World Trade Organization said Wednesday.

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ESG Reporting: Companies in Canada

This article provides a brief overview of the PwC Canadian ESG Reporting Outlook 2023. It is based on an assessment of the ESG reports of the 250 largest publicly traded Canadian companies, which include several major mining companies.

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TOP 10 useful books about Forex. Current Ranking 2022

In this article we will talk about which Forex literature, in our opinion, is best suited for studying by novice traders. In this top, in addition to literature about Forex, there are no less useful books on self-development that are related to trading on the stock exchange.

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From bank reports to the heat in Europe-what moves the markets)

The world recovery rally continues thanks to growing hopes that the Fed will not become more aggressive next week. China's regulation has told banks to open credit taps for real estate companies to avoid damage from boycotting home buyers' payments.

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US stock indexes decline due to recession fears

The opening is down on Wall Street as investors worry about a possible recession while central banks around the world are launching restrictive policies to curb a surge in inflation.

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Russian default: technical, real or symbolic?

The inevitable seems to have happened. Russia could not avoid default due to sanctions related to the war in Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, for the first time since the Russian Revolution in 1918, Russia failed to pay almost $ 100 million of sovereign debt, which is equivalent to default

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As the Russian oil embargo is discussed, fears are growing of another sharp rise in fuel prices.

It's been two weeks since they started to rise again... Fuel prices, although they have fallen with the help of 15 centimes from the government, put into effect on April 1, are already rising. And we don't know where they will end up because of a very nervous oil market.

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The euro is falling and will continue to fall

The euro is falling even more than at the beginning of the Covid crisis. In the face of this conflict, central banks are responding piecemeal.

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EUR/USD: towards a possible recovery of the euro against the dollar in the short term

In the short term, EUR/USD may recover as it has shown strong resilience in recent days, but US inflation data will play a key role.

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Thousands of French people were scammed on the marketplaces

The Financial Markets Authority monitors certain websites that offer to make a lot of money in a very short time. Scams that have already cost those who took the risk 175 million euros.

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Translation of dm exchange rate in French

Note. Figures for Interpane can be derived from the fact that 1 Deutsche Mark is worth 3.35 French francs (exchange 1999). For ease of comparison, figures are in euros (exchange rate: 1 euro = 1.95583 DM).

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