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Vivon scam ping car
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SpinTop Capital is a type of effective trading.

Of course, this is a divorce. Dragon Capital KFT is famous for littering the Internet with second-rate pseudo-broker projects, which mercilessly deceive naive newcomers for large sums. And this is not the only office of this type with these scammers.

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Sigma Invest - check and feedback about

For 10 years the company's mission has remained unchanged: to lead in cost, speed, scale of services, to give clients the widest range of instruments and products for transactions in financial markets, to provide liquidity on the best terms.

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What do we know about broker: is Wise Capital Limited scam or decent company?

Due to our research and audit, broker Wise Capital Limited passed our scam check. It is a well-known company that decided to widen its marketing policy so it got into our sight only recently.

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XGIMI MoGo Pro+ overview: easy operation in a compact body

The trump cards of XGIMI projector are the possibility of standalone operation and a full-fledged Android TV 9 OS. It's enough to go through a few initial setup steps, and immediately you find yourself in a convenient shell, adapted for remote control.

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What off-roaders are afraid of: a situation where four-wheel drive won't help

Let's remember a simple situation: a passenger car ("Zhiguli "or" Granta " –it doesn't matter) drove the upper drive wheel on a slippery section of road: for example, on a frostbitten tram rail. The second driving wheel is standing on the asphalt

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ASUS ROG Phone 5 review: the gaming flagship with a fiery heart

The ROG Phone 5's design reflects ASUS' heritage: chopped lines and eye-catching artwork. From the first moment you use it, you'll notice it's heavy (a whopping 238 grams) and extremely slippery, mostly due to its high-quality oleophobic coating on both sides.

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