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TOP 10 useful books about Forex. Current Ranking 2022

In this article we will talk about which Forex literature, in our opinion, is best suited for studying by novice traders. In this top, in addition to literature about Forex, there are no less useful books on self-development that are related to trading on the stock exchange.

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Trader Platform cheating honest users. Tipranks.trader-platform.com online broker reviews

From time to time there are firms providing intermediary services in the Forex market. In order for traders to understand who they can trust, our specialists have prepared an overview of the Trader Platform operating in the UK.

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Russian default: technical, real or symbolic?

The inevitable seems to have happened. Russia could not avoid default due to sanctions related to the war in Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, for the first time since the Russian Revolution in 1918, Russia failed to pay almost $ 100 million of sovereign debt, which is equivalent to default

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