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Dedicated server, what is it and why is it needed?

What is renting a dedicated server?

Dedicated server is a hosting service where a company rents a physical server. The customer has full access to the hardware and software, can install the required operating system, adjust the configuration and perform all technical tasks.

Why rent a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are needed for complex projects that may be shared with other projects or require a lot of resources. A dedicated server is the most expensive form of hosting and is not suitable for everyone. Firstly, if you are a beginner and don't have the necessary knowledge to manage a server, you should choose a shared hosting service. Secondly, if you want to create an interesting blog or a small business website on WordPress, regular hosting or a VPS will do. Thirdly, if you can't afford to pay several thousand dollars a month more than the cost of a dedicated server, shared hosting or a VDS is also a good option.

You should consider renting a dedicated server if:

Advantages of renting a dedicated server

Disadvantages of renting a dedicated server

The best choice: renting a dedicated server or a VPS server?

A VPS is the cheapest option and a dedicated server is the best in terms of security and reliability. They are ideal for large online stores, high-traffic sources, gaming and MMO servers and 1C work. It ensures stability and complete independence from other clients.

Where can I find a dedicated server for rent?

You can find companies that rent physical servers using search engines and dedicated server review sites. When choosing a provider, you should pay attention to the following:

So, after researching hosting providers, features and prices, you can choose a dedicated server for rent. Choose wisely and remember: If you don't like something, you can always switch providers. The most important criteria when choosing a hosting provider are data security, round-the-clock technical support and uninterrupted service.

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