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Vivon scam ping car
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The first steps in trading. How to start

In just a couple of hours of such practice, you can trade off several months of asset movement. Let there be no emotions, but definitely respect for the opportunity to cover as many market situations as possible.

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Is the collapse of Facebook shares really a fall or the first step towards rapid growth?

When FB sent the huge money at that time to Instagram in the same way, when everyone criticized, now this platform generates more income every month than the entire transaction as a whole

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Forecast for the Mexican economy 2022

In the three months to September 2021, Mexico's economy shrank by 0.4% in the quarter against a preliminary estimate of a 0.2% decline. This was the first reduction in four quarters: the volume of services decreased by 0.9%, exceeding the forecast by 0.6%

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Overview of the current positions of Bitcoin in comparison with other cryptocurrencies

Just over a year ago, the market capitalization of Bitcoin accounted for more than 70 percent of the total market of all thousands of crypto currencies, this share has slipped to below 40 percent at the current time. This is the lowest level since January 2018

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News summary: Thursday, January 6th

In mid-January, another gas pipeline with a delivery of 95 million cubic meters will arrive at the svionoujský LNG terminal. fuel-informed pap PGNiG.

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Fear and panic buying: Wheat prices in Europe soared to a historic high

Inflation in the markets of basic food products, unprecedented in a decade, seems to be entering a new round.

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How to prepare the car for the warm season

A car is, like a girl, requires care and attention. But preparing the car for new season is not only its appearance and durability, but also your safety

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Rolls-Royce has a head designer again

It is a British company, a division of BMW AG, specializing in the production of luxury cars under the Rolls-Royce brand.

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Vive Pro 2 with multiple modes of operation. Designed for weaker PCs

Technical characteristics and features of the Vive Pro 2 read in our article below.

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A gaming smartphone with Dimensity 1200 is on its way

This is a high-quality and loud sound, providing a full-fledged immersion in the game, and compatibility with various accessories, including gamepads and additional screens.

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How to choose a broker: tips for beginners

First of all, a broker is your confidant. He must be honest and reliable so that you do not lose money, but, on the contrary, earn more and more in the market.

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