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Graphical analysis allows you to concentrate all the data and make predictions

With this type of stock analysis, investors get information on a different basis. “You look at price action and stock turnover in the past and try to estimate the near future based on past development,” Levene explains. The analysis focuses on the question of whether the course is following any patterns or trend reversals.

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Tauron intends to produce about 5.1 million tons of coal this year

The concern "Tauron" intends to produce about 5.1 million tons of coal this year; although a slight increase in this value in the following years is possible, this will require measures to be taken with respect to the program undergoing a program involving subsidies to reduce production," said Jerzy Topolski, Vice President of Taurona.

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Closed-end mutual funds - what are they and should you invest in them?

The development of the brokerage infrastructure after the strongest post-COVID crisis in the market led to the development of investment and the study of financial instruments.

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Bonds - what are they and how to make money on them?

Even a novice investor can easily make money with bonds. In the article we will tell you what bonds are, what types there are, evaluate their profitability, talk about the benefits and possible risks.

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Business sentiment in Germany has plummeted, companies are going through difficult times

Business sentiment in Germany has fallen sharply this month after the previous increase, with the Ifo Institute index falling from 98.9 to 90.8 points.

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How sustainable are green energy suppliers?

At a time when Europe is facing an energy crisis, much attention is being paid to high energy prices. But what about renewable energy contracts? How green are they really? In the Netherlands, energy companies supply green and gray electricity. Green electricity includes solar energy, wind energy, biomass electricity and hydropower.

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Oil company stocks: how to invest in them?

Oil company stocks: what is an oil company? The ever-growing population of the Earth and the developing world economy require more and more energy

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Crude Oil: Should You Invest in Oil in 2022? | Forex oil trading

Oil volatility creates many trading opportunities for traders and can be used to diversify a portfolio and hedge investments in other assets. But how can oil be traded on world markets?

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Bitcoin Cash what is it?

For almost 2 years, the price of bitcoin has not pleased its owners, falling sharply, or being in a sideways trend. It's time for investors to look at other cryptocurrencies.

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Internet trading for beginners and experienced investors

Internet trading for beginners and experienced investors - tips and tricks for investing on the Internet. What is online trading, how to choose a broker.

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The first steps in trading. How to start

In just a couple of hours of such practice, you can trade off several months of asset movement. Let there be no emotions, but definitely respect for the opportunity to cover as many market situations as possible.

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Is the collapse of Facebook shares really a fall or the first step towards rapid growth?

When FB sent the huge money at that time to Instagram in the same way, when everyone criticized, now this platform generates more income every month than the entire transaction as a whole

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