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VinFast and Marubeni will give a second life to electric vehicle batteries

VinFast and Marubeni: circular economy of batteries

VinFast wants to implement a circular economy model. The Vietnamese manufacturer has announced a partnership with the Japanese Marubeni Group to give its batteries a second life.

What happens to an electric car battery after the first use? Many consumers are asking this question, and some manufacturers are looking for solutions to give them a second life. While some, like Nissan, focus on repair, others prefer to get rid of them, but not just any old way. This is exactly what the company VinFast has done.

The principle is simple: after being used in electric vehicles, VinFast batteries are reused in stationary energy storage systems. The Memorandum of Understanding between the Vietnamese and Japanese companies aims to demonstrate that batteries for electric vehicles "can be converted into simple and economical stationary batteries without the need for disassembly, testing or repair".

As part of this partnership, VinFast will supply used batteries and Marubeni will conduct a feasibility study and install a stationary storage system. In addition to this simple agreement, the two companies plan to establish long-term cooperation to work on other models in the field of electric vehicle battery recycling.

The agreement was signed at the Japan-Vietnam Economic Forum on December 16-18 in the presence of Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. According to Mr. Pham Nhat Quan Anh, Deputy Head of VinFast's Production Department, "This signing marks an important step in VinFast's strategy to build a circular economy model and further reduce the environmental impact of its production activities".

Satoru Harada, Marubeni's director of operations, believes that his company's experience in "implementing large-scale energy projects across the global value chain, including battery recycling technologies, can help develop solutions that will contribute to building a new circular economy".

This partnership is a positive step in the development of electric vehicles. It has the potential to reduce environmental impact and increase sustainability.

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