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SpinTop Capital is a type of effective trading.

SpinTop Capital

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SpinTop Capital is a platform designed for efficient trading. It is a broker, more precisely, a brand name, which belongs to the not unknown company Dragon Capital KFT.

Of course, this is a divorce. Dragon Capital KFT is famous for littering the Internet with second-rate pseudo-broker projects, which mercilessly deceive naive newcomers for large sums. And this is not the only office of this type with these scammers. They operate dozens of similar "brokerage companies", i.e. it's a group of experienced swindlers, cooperation with whom will turn into a real financial disaster.
Quite simple and effective trading. SpinTop Capital offers a wide range of financial instruments. New developments appear on a regular basis, work on optimization is in progress.

The main advantages of SpinTop Capital:

Wide range of tools for trading
Quotes in real time.
Permanent access to trading
High speed of order execution
No Requotes and Slippage
Protection against negative balance
Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500.
Three types of trading accounts are available. The minimum deposit amount is $100.
We see a template site, which is similar to its many counterparts. The crooks use the same template. Indeed, why bother, if suckers are led and on such.

In the description you can find the statement, SpinTop Capital is a financial investment company. At the same time, we see that this is not a company, but a trademark and logo, which belong to Dragon Capital KFT. Plus, they talk specifically about Dragon Capital KFT, not SpinTop Capital.

SpinTop Capital is kind of like efficient trading. Reviews about

Dragon Capital KFT's legal details are fictitious. In reality this junk doesn't exist in Budapest, also it doesn't have any licenses, even as cheesy as Mauritius. It is a fictional company, just like SpinTop Capital itself.

The age of the domain is serious, as it was registered back in 2016. Except that it was repurchased in April last year, and the SpinTop Capital scam was placed just recently. Accordingly, all these awards, allegedly received whether SpinTop Capital, then Dragon Capital KFT - this is nonsense, fiction of pure water.
What do we have in the end? A fake broker with an imaginary history, which belongs to the same non-existent company, without registration data and licenses. Do you really want to trade here? It's a scam and a scam for money.

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