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Sigma Invest is a new old broker, or rather a scam that pretends to be a broker. A dangerous scam that won't settle down in any way.

Usually, if a fraudulent project is exposed, the charlatans who created it close it and make a new one, which, as a rule, has nothing in common with its predecessor. This allows the swindlers to get away from all the negative that has accumulated, well, of course, from responsibility. But in this case, for some reason decided to take a different route, and the old racket just moved to a new domain.
Offered the services of a European broker, known far beyond the borders of the Old World. This was possible due to the company's thought-out development strategy, snow-white reputation, customer focus and emphasis on technology.

For 10 years the company's mission has remained unchanged: to lead in cost, speed, scale of services, to give clients the widest range of instruments and products for transactions in financial markets, to provide liquidity on the best terms.

Main advantages:

More than 450,000 clients
Representative offices in 37 countries
16 full-featured trading platforms
12+ secure payment options
Support for 15 languages
24/5 personal customer service
We offer five types of trading accounts. The minimum deposit amount is $250.

The story goes that Sigma Invest has been in business since 2009. First, even the old site was much younger. Second, the new one is only two weeks old, as you can see for yourself. Third, the real age of this scam is counted in a few months. The legend of the project is very misleading, in fact, so is this "broker".

The snow-white reputation - is it supposed to be a joke? The network is full of negative feedbacks about Sigma Invest. Of course there is a positive one, but it's not so many and it's written by the scammers.

The legal information is outright garbage. Allegedly Sigma Invest is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but even the offshore, cheap registration is fake. What we're supposed to find at the listed address in Cyprus is not clear at all. Just someone's address, nothing more.

Contact information is also a set of random letters and numbers. And contacts were taken from the old site. The e-mail account indicated does not exist in nature, the same goes for the phone number. There will be no contact with these scammers, don't even hope.

The essence of the scam is to siphon money from trusting clients under the guise of safe and profitable trading. In fact, your money will be instantly stolen and it will be very difficult to get it back.
Sigma Invest is a clone of the famous scam of the same name, which has moved to a new domain. It won't last long here, so a new site will appear in the near future. In no case do not contact, pseudo-broker scam.

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