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Renault 5 (2024): First price

Renault 5 already available to order: Electric city car

After the Fiat 500 and Mini, the club of city cars with neo-retro styling is about to expand. Renault's future R5 will join this club in 2024. The styling of this small French car is no longer a secret, as it will remain close to the concept unveiled at the major Renaulution conference in early 2021. Nevertheless, this long-awaited novelty is of strategic importance. It should prove that it is possible to offer an electric car at a very affordable price in France, as well as provide a successor to the Zoé model, which will be retired in 2024.

In addition, Renault, which has confirmed a starting price of around 25,000 euros for the electric R5, is offering a digital service to prevent queues. This will allow you to be among the first to order and receive your car. The R5 'R Pass' costs €150 and has other benefits. The future R5 will be one of the stars of the Geneva Motor Show.

Following the publication of the first official images of the production model, Renault has launched a pre-booking campaign for the next electric R5 in seven countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

The automaker took the opportunity to launch a TV commercial to a Daft Punk soundtrack and confirmed that the first version will cost "around 25,000 euros". Note that the model available for pre-order is not this2 "first version".

Pay to be one of the first

The base Renault 5 will be equipped with a 40 kWh battery, but this version will not be available at the start of sales. The first car to go on sale will be equipped with a 150 hp engine and a 52 kWh Envision battery. This, according to Renault, will give it a WLTP range of 400 kilometers.

This particular car can be pre-ordered by purchasing the "R5 R Pass". Costing just €150, this digital pass will allow the owner to place an order before other buyers. Their cars will receive priority at the Doué plant, so that "R Pass" holders will be serviced first, in the fall of 2024. The price of these starter versions could exceed 30,000 euros. According to our information, this will apply to the top versions, such as the Esprit Alpine trim.

Benefits of the R5 R Pass

The R5 R Pass brings other benefits as well. Following the presentation of the Renault 5, scheduled for February 26 at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, customers who choose this pre-booking option will be offered a 1:43 scale miniature version of the car. They will also receive advance information and be invited to some events.

For every R Pass purchased, Renault will donate €50 to Give Me 5, a program that helps young people from disadvantaged areas gain access to sports activities. The sum of €150 is not a down payment and is not deducted from the final price of the car. The deposit is non-refundable. Details about the model range, prices and equipment of the new Renault 5 have not yet been announced. However, its exterior has already been revealed thanks to patent illustrations.

Styling inspired by the past

The main appeal of the new Renault 5 lies in its styling. Renault departs from its usual style and gives itself to nostalgia. With a rather flat roof and hood, angular lines, trapezoidal headlights and vertical taillights, despite its increased dimensions (3.96 meters), the silhouette of the car will be reminiscent of both the first 5, which came out more than fifty years ago, and its replacement, the "Supercinq", which appeared in 1984. In other words, it will match the spirit of the concept car unveiled in early 2021. However, the camouflaged prototypes and the first images presented by the brand have revealed that some details will be trimmed down due to standards and production constraints.

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