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Optimus Markets - review of investment broker

Optimus Markets - review

Optimus Markets is an investment broker that offers us ready-made investment strategies. That is, we do not need to bother with self-trading, take the strategy and get a lot of dough.

But it's true, we first need to invest our own money here - this is logical. What is not logical is that you will receive nothing in return. And all because Optimus Markets - is nothing more than another fraudulent pseudo broker. And it is insolent and cynical.
Services of an investment broker, which provides high quality financial and investment services to clients around the world. All services and financial operations of Optimus Markets are regulated by the Financial Services Commission (SVGFSA).

The company provides its clients with a wide range of financial and trading instruments for trading in financial markets. The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is constantly working on the development and improvement of their services. The minimum deposit is $250.

Everything you're told on this site makes no sense, because it's all a blatant lie in which there is not a single word of truth. You need to understand that Optimus Markets is a classic pseudo broker, which seeks out naive newcomers with cold calls.

They persistently call offering to invest in a super duper forex broker. If a person doesn't agree, they are rude and even threatening. They also offer to install on your computer a program for remote access - Anydesk or Teamviewer, supposedly in order to simplify your work, but in fact - to steal all the important data, including payment requisites.

Legal information is just plain garbage. The brand name Optimus Markets allegedly belongs to Dragon Capital KFT. This is a small company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Online reports about it are exclusively negative. In addition, there is a number of similar pseudo brokerage scams associated with its name, so Optimus Markets - this is not the only scam of its kind.
The presence or absence of St. Vincent and the Grenadines license does not play any role, because its legal value is equal to zero. In addition, we are shown a certificate of registration, not a license.
Cooperating with Optimus Markets is out of the question. If someone calls you and introduces himself as a person associated with this unscrupulous broker, disconnect immediately before they get in your head. You could lose a lot of money here.

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