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Btrade Automated - review and check

Btrade Automated

Btrade Automated is a project offering us time to make money on the "next" Bitcoin wave.


Anyway, hurry up, there is a money giveaway coming in the financial markets. Swindlers of all countries, unite, because swindlers want to make more money on naive suckers. And if seriously, Btrade Automated is just a cog in an adjustment and very dangerous fraudulent mechanism, which essence is taking away huge sums of money from people.

They offer a freebie. Btrade Automated is an advanced software for automated trading. It supposedly generates trading signals in real time and executes them on your behalf. The bot was developed by some professional traders. You don't need any experience or knowledge to use it, it's very simple and, importantly, it's free.

There is nothing difficult to recognize in Btrade Automated an ordinary recruiting page. This is a site, or rather a single page, which exists solely for the purpose of looking for suckers for pseudo-broker projects.


There is no software called Btrade Automated. And even if it existed, it wouldn't be able to do what it's so enthusiastically told about. Because the trading bots are nothing more than assistants, they cannot trade by themselves, because they will sell your deposit in five minutes.


The reviews on the site, of course, are all false. The real reviews are online, and they are diametrically opposed.

They say that the program Btrade Automated automatically selects the most profitable and reliable broker for us. All we have to do is leave our phone number, after which the scammers will call us and start luring us to the pseudo-broker site.


At the moment the swindlers from Btrade Automated lure us to a notorious pseudo-broker called Eurostandarte. This fake allegedly Polish broker we have already reviewed. That's how the scammers are looking for new victims - just promising them a freebie.


But there won't be any freebies. Eurostandarte will scam you for serious money, leaving you with literally nothing. And getting back what you have lost will be extremely problematic.

Btrade Automated is a recruiter site for finding new victims to be scammed on the Eurostandarte pseudo-broker site. Do not get involved in any way.


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