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What do we know about broker: is Wise Capital Limited scam or decent company?

Wise Capital Limited broker reviews | Wise Capital Limited scam or not?

Our reviews are focused on some new players who begin to appear on the market. Of course, there can be a lot of fake ones, but there is a lot of nice companies as well. The main aim of our review is to debunk the myth that all brokers just want to deceive you and get all your money. Some of them are a good option for cooperation. 

Due to our research and audit, broker Wise Capital Limited passed our scam check. It is a well-known company that decided to widen its marketing policy so it got into our sight only recently. 

Some brief facts About review

Where is the head office: the company’s headquarter is located in London. And the company operates online. 

What is offered: the company offers brokerage services for investors wishing to participate in the trading of currencies or other assets.

Audience: the vast of clients are from the UK and EU

Which markets are represented: Foreign exchange trading prevails, there are entries to the market for raw materials, indices and stocks.

How is trading? Traditionally: spreads, commissions, micro lots, all available orders, leverage.

And how about the platform: the company developed its platform which is based on MetaTrader4 

Is there a mobile\tab application? Yes, there are apps for iOS and Android. 

How can I communicate with support: phone, email, in 24/5 mode. 

Withdrawing funds: there are several ways, the most popular - transfer money to your bank card. Usually, it takes 3-5 bank days. 

Verification. Yes, it is required.

Minimum Depo. - 250 euros for a Novice account plan

Account types. 6 main portfolios.

Types of sanctions for the scam: Account freezing, confiscation, prosecution.

We found all the facts and details after looking at its official website. We communicated with the broker's support team as well. Of course, you can form your own opinion after surfing brokers website

Broker Wise Capital Limited - review

For reviews we surfed social media, review platforms like Trustpilot and brokers rating resources. The vast of reviews are in English. We found a lot of info of company’s advantages and disadvantages. 

However, there was no evidence that scam check can find any suspicious activity of this broker. It seems quite decent, actually.

Wise Capital Limited broker got good reviews for:

Of course, there are some neutral reviews: 

What are the cooperation terms?

At first, you need to fill the registration form. It is standard: name, country of residence, e-mail, contact phone number, login and password, as well as the date of birth.

After this user registered in the service:

This is where the possibilities end. Verification is required to gain full access to the instruments and trading platforms.

According to the terms of cooperation with Wise Capital Limited scam department, any kind of dishonest fraud simply cannot happen. Since the broker has authorized several international programs to protect its trade reputation: among them, the program against money laundering (Anti Money Laundering) and Know your customer. This last one, KYC, “strains” even ordinary traders, since it will require screenshots and photographs to be verified. However, this is protection for all participants in the process.

If you have ever traded some crypto or passed verification procedures elsewhere, then this procedure won’t be new for you. All are standard: customer needs to provide screenshots of your passport, a document confirming the place of residence (utility bill is suitable), bank statement or purchase receipt. Rarely, they can also request a photo of a client with a document in their hands.

After verification, the user will be able to select a suitable account plan and, having paid for it, receive the first recommendations for trading. Depending on the tariff plan, a package of services and access to certain markets will be provided. Most clients trade with currencies, but some (at premium rates) get access to other types of assets.

The company's web resource contains all its documents related to the description of trading risks, privacy policy, company obligations and trading conditions (including a description of all types of available orders and rates).

Account types

There are 6 types of portfolios designed for beginners and experienced traders, as well as large investors.

Most often, investors choose the silver and gold tariff, since it allows combining several types of assets and leads to closer cooperation with the analytical department of the company, allowing them to receive high-quality daily monitoring of market prices and other pleasant additions.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

You can deposit or withdraw funds using a bank account or payment system. The service also allows transfers to a digital wallet.

How the withdrawal process works:

The minimum amount for withdrawal shall be reached (depending on the market);

A request for withdrawal of money is to be created - to the technical service of the company, this must be done on a weekday, indicate the withdrawal method;

Client needs to wait from several hours to 24 hours (if the request is made on a weekend, then it will be processed only on a weekday).

For the most part, customers have no problem with withdrawing money – that’s what they state in most reviews. That is the main sign Wise Capital Limited scam department names as its achievment: clients of the company have no troubles with withdrawing funds even with delays during verification process (and clients understand this very quickly).

Withdrawal options:

Electronic wallets: Web Money, as well as Bitcoin wallets and others for crypto coins.

Client's account in any bank: Visa, Mastercard systems.

Scrill, Neteller.

Traders' attitude to the quality of deposit and withdrawal of funds

This point would define better than others whether scam or real intermediaries in trading. At the moment, there is no argument that the company is delaying payments or not making them at all. However, in its documents, the broker warns: technical failures happen sometimes, and, in general, shall be reported on the main page of the site, so the technical service can get to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Most of the traders are happy with the cooperation with this company. And that’s proven by dozens of comments on company reviews.

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