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How to prepare the car for the warm season

What should you do with car before new season starts

With the arrival of steady heat, motorists begin to think about preparing the vehicle for the new season. What to look for and how much to cook - in a brief overview.  

New season - new tires 

By law, car owners are obliged to replace winter studded tires for summer tires until June 1 - this is fixed in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles." 

However, in fact, it is recommended to change tires earlier: when operating in warm weather on dry asphalt tires wear out faster, which will inevitably shorten their service life, in addition, the braking distance of studded tires on a clean and dry road increases. Automotive experts recommend changing winter tires to summer tires when the last snow melts from the asphalt and the average daily temperature reaches +5 degrees. 

When changing tires seasonally, it is recommended to perform wheel alignment in order to correct wheel balancing after winter operation. 

Tire pressures should be checked before riding on new tires. 

Cleanliness and shine inside and out 

After winter operation, the car needs a quality wash. This is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of vehicle wear prevention. All body parts and underbody must be thoroughly cleaned from traces of reagents to avoid damage to the coating and rust. After washing, it is worth treating the outer surfaces with anti-corrosion coatings. It will also be useful to treat the body, glass and headlights with polish in order to smooth out the microcracks formed during the winter.

After washing the car, it will be useful to lubricate the door hinges: low temperatures and humidity in the cold season do not benefit the mechanisms, and after winter the doors may start to creak. When choosing a lubricant, the main thing to remember is that oil-based options cannot be used on painted cells. 

Investment in reliability 

Consider the battery before starting the new season : After winter overloads, the car battery should be fully recharged so that it does not fail right before the trip to the country. 

It is also necessary to replace the winter washer fluid for summer windows. In order to save money, some motorists use ordinary water instead of washer fluid, but it is better not to do this. First, water, due to its hardness, negatively affects the washer fluid reservoir. Secondly, even in spring, the temperature at night sometimes drops to negative. 

Seasonal preparation of the car must necessarily include a diagnostic inspection of the engine: in winter, rubber hoses are at risk of wear and tear, if this happens, they should be replaced in time. Check and, if necessary, replace the air filter before the warm season.



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