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BSB GLOBAL scammer, honest reviews about

What is Scam, customer fraud.

From time to time there are companies offering intermediary services in the Forex market. In order for customers to know who they can trust, our experts made an overview of BSB GLOBAL operating in the UK.

Our employees have examined the website, information from open databases. website - overview - a regular official site with a minimum of data. The user is immediately given the opportunity to get acquainted with the tariff scale, register an account and “trade on Forex”.

Contact details - phone number and official address.

There is no information about the length of service, existing contracts and regulatory papers, algorithms for cooperation with clients.

Also, for the review of, our staff analyzed information about the domain. It turned out that the domain name was registered for less than 30 days.

More information can really be found only by registering.

Accordingly, we can confidently say that too little information is presented on the official website of, which certainly creates suspicion.


BSB GLOBAL overview - company address

After checking the legal address written on the website, we found a significant number of publications about illegal transactions related to fraud in the Forex financial market.

Our experts did not find confirmation that an official company is registered at the official address with

It also raises suspicions that the official address of BSB GLOBAL is not located in the UK, where the organization offers its services, but in another state.

BSB GLOBAL overview - phone number

After analyzing the phone number, our experts revealed information about its use in fraudulent schemes. Previously, the phone has also been linked to scammers trying to pose as intermediaries in the Forex financial market.

BSB GLOBAL Overview - Web Mentions

An essential component of the BSB GLOBAL review is the analysis of reviews on the Internet. On the website, our staff found a small number of standard, false reviews with fake faces and non-existent names.

In the search engines, the results showed our experts a significant number of bad mentions and reviews of

Most often, users talk about the inability to receive their funds, the incomprehensible operation of programs, the repulsive behavior of managers.

Therefore, judging by the reviews on the Internet, BSB GLOBAL are criminals.

Gifts for registration from BSB GLOBAL

Usually, newly established Forex firms offer registered clients bonuses for registering an account. Usually these are various pleasant gifts, namely, advice from experienced analysts. However, on the official website of BSB GLOBAL and in advertising, our experts found information about gifts in the amount of the first deposit. You need to understand that these are investments that an Internet broker gives to clients for trading in the Forex financial market, and not some tokens that do not go beyond the system.

This is rather suspicious because with such gifts, the period of profit from people is extended, at serious expense.

In principle, we can assume that the reason is the amazing generosity of BSB GLOBAL, but in fact everything is much simpler. Investments cannot go beyond the service, as all activities of BSB GLOBAL are fraud.

Account types for

On the website, you can find several types of accounts that differ not only in trading rules, but also in the size of the initial deposits. This is a standard technique for motivating clients to invest more, to acquire a more expensive type of account.

Users can be promised personal expert advice, insured transactions, access to exclusive information. However, all this is a lie, only needed to lure out deposits.

You need to understand that no matter how much investment you transfer, they will go to scammers, since are scammers.


Leverage is a standard tool for making money on the Forex market, which makes it possible to carry out transactions for an amount greater than the client has. The missing deposits are taken on credit from an Internet broker. Organizations that offer their clients the opportunity to make deals with high leverage take a big risk, because of this they only allow this opportunity to experienced players. But BSB GLOBAL are scammers, therefore they use leverage in order to drive their clients into debt and demand payment of a fake debt.

Return on investment

Users trade on the Forex market to earn money. Of course, this is impossible without receiving contributions. Therefore, the question arises: "does BSB GLOBAL have a deadline for receiving funds"? On the official website, we found information that the withdrawal of deposits is carried out instantly and without deductions. In practice, even reputable, legal online brokers do not always provide such working conditions. What's the catch?

The thing is that BSB GLOBAL are swindlers and are not going to provide customers with the opportunity to receive deposits. Therefore, is ready to promise the best working conditions. But all their suggestions are lies.

Reviews appeared before they started working

As mentioned above, the website has been in existence for less than thirty days. And yet, on well-known resources, you can find reviews two months ago.

Most likely, BSB GLOBAL employees, before the start of the fraud, paid for fake mentions on well-known sites so that people would get the feeling that the company has been operating for a long time.

Some of the references to BSB GLOBAL:

BSB GLOBAL review - test period

On the website there is no demo access to software that makes it possible to evaluate the level of services provided.

The managers of BSB GLOBAL want the client to immediately give them confidential information and pay the lowest payment.

BSB GLOBAL Overview - Withdrawals

Formally, the withdrawal of client funds is carried out through a form on the BSB GLOBAL website. Makes you doubt that a user can use it, without an account. Therefore, the appeal will be checked manually, which is unrealistic with a significant number of clients.

Our experts concluded that this form is only used to demonstrate to potential victims that it is possible to withdraw money, but in fact it does not work.

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