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Vivon scam ping car
Reviews of various products and services 16 / 02 / 20 Views: 224

POCO X3 Pro review: a people's hit with flagship hardware

Nowadays IPS matrixes are more often installed in budget phones, so quality LCD panels can be seen more and more seldom. Surprisingly, the POCO X3 Pro has remained an 'old timer'. It has a 6.67-inch IPS screen with FHD+ resolution.

Reviews of various products and services 19 / 01 / 20 Views: 258

Btrade Automated - review and check

There is nothing difficult to recognize in Btrade Automated an ordinary recruiting page. This is a site, or rather a single page, which exists solely for the purpose of looking for suckers for pseudo-broker projects.

Reviews of various products and services 25 / 11 / 19 Views: 250

10 reasons to switch from a new foreign car to an old Zhiguli

Half a century ago, the possession of "Zhiguli" was an indisputable symbol of human success. If you drive a Giga, it means that you have everything "in the openwork". It is today that any references to the same VAZ have

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