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  Marwick Investments Limited scam

 Marwick Investments Limited forex broker

What prices for services and packages are offered by European brokers. Marwick Investments Limited review.

 To become an investor, you do not have to be in the financial sector for many years or have huge capital. Today, anyone can become a trader and start earning, but for this you need to have the desire and at least a thousand euros. To find suitable assets and better navigate the market there are brokers who provide intermediaries. Brokers provide mediation and consulting services. We will consider the trading conditions of brokers on the example of We found reviews about this broker on Google and Facebook. The broker was founded in 2016.

 George Carrington, a businessman from York (46 years old):

“My number one broker I have a very good experience with Marwick Investments Limited! The results of the trade are simply stunning! The support service is constantly in touch and answers all my questions very quickly. "

Terms and Conditions Marwick Investments Limited reviews on account plans

What services do European brokers offer today? A good advantage is trading different assets at the same time. Nowadays, many brokers offer multifunctional services, not focusing only on earning on Forex. Although the first online platforms focused on deposits in the foreign exchange market. Today, technically, the software of most European intermediaries allows you to diversify your deposits. This means being able to invest and manage multiple assets at once. For example, has such options. Reviews of the company say that many customers choose to trade with multiple assets:



All plans of the company are focused on both experienced traders and beginners in this field. In any tariffs it is possible to choose in addition training or consultation of the personal manager. Here's how the broker's account plans differ:









min depo

100 – 10 000

10 000 – 50 000

from 50 000

min stock

up to 100

100 – 400

no limits

Investments in currencies,%




Investments in shares,%




US shares, %




Raw material trade, %




profit for quartal, %




Просадка, %




account term

3 months

up to 1 year

up to 3 years

Companies available for investment

Bank of America, Ebay, Ford, Twitter, Hewlett Packard, GoPro

Coca-Cola, Disney, Facebook, Nike, NVidia

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, McDonald’s, Tesla




personal analyst

Trading can start with a small amount, with 100 euros for example. To start trading you need to think about your strategy, learn technical analysis, follow the recommendations of professionals.

Greg Downton, Glasgow Manager (30 years old):

“Well, I recently started trading with this broker. In general, I can admit that the broker made a very positive impression on me, despite one thing that I did not like here at first. At first I doubted whether I should join, because I had a phobia of brokers with a zero deposit threshold. I thought they were all scammers. Unfortunately, this fear was not unfounded, if you understand what I mean. Fortunately, this broker turned out to be a very good exception. I successfully tested it. "

You can ask all questions about tariffs at the manager. The manager will be appointed to you after registration on the site. To do this:

Go through the registration and wait for the manager's call: reviews | Choose one of the tariffs offered by the company:


Comments (25)

Lyons Daniel 04.03.2022

Marwick investments. limited Consultants is an excellent broker. I worked with him a little more than a year and still did not find any blatant flaws. Replenishment of the account and the withdrawal of funds occupy much less time than the competitors.

Simon Robert 09.03.2022

Perhaps this is the first broker of this type on the market, as well as the largest. It is a pity that they offer only cryptocurrency, I hope that over time they will add here and traditional currencies. But while I am pleased with small and quite satisfied.

Wilkerson Amos 16.03.2022

Broker is really reliable. Provides quick and stable platforms for their users. There are no slippers and jams. The system is very clear.

Wilcox John 29.03.2022

I recently began to trade. The site is very convenient, it is very easy to figure it out, I was able to set the terminal without outside help, although I oak oak in such) Personal account Marwick investments. limited is also interesting - I see that there is a lot of information but I have not figured it out to the end.

Howard Prosper 11.04.2022

The most important advantages of this broker in my opinion is his reliability and attentive attitude to customers. Until now, I have not noticed any drawbacks. Very fruitful cooperation. Spread is permanent. I appreciate cooperation with them.

Patterson Steven 14.05.2022

Very good broker, competitive spreads and very good performance. Now they introduced a pleasant novelty - Dealcancellation, when you can cancel an unprofitable position during the first hour.

Goodwin Christian 17.05.2022

Cooperation with a reliable forex broker with a serious license. Favorable conditions for trading in different financial markets are quick execution of orders Large selection of assets information about quotes on the broker website

Baldwin John 18.05.2022

Perhaps the best CFD broker for cryptocurrency, in any case, it is longer than all on the market, and while everything works smoothly and quickly. I rented money more than once, always without delay and any incidents.

Logan Peter 19.05.2022

Deposit and the withdrawal of funds are carried out in a few hours. I believe that this is one of the biggest advantages of this broker.

Owens Steven 01.06.2022

Good broker. For myself, I have not met a more profitable sentence. Therefore, I chose it and so far I will continue to trade.

Dennis Garner 02.06.2022

I have been trading for Forex for a long time, but I do not trade risky. I always follow my accounts for the level of margins if you go down below 160%-150%, replenish my account or gydzhi. I removed $ 100 times a couple of times, there was no problem.

Arthur Brown 02.06.2022

C Marwick has been familiar for quite some time. They did not interfere with trade, the conditions for spreads at the level. Not intrusive, they do not strain calls on the phone. The money is withdrawn, there are a lot of payment, you can choose convenient options. Impressions of the joke are good, there are no complaints.

Christopher McCoy 15.06.2022

While I am learning to trade on a demoschet. I like that Light conducts many free webinars and the site is full of training materials. Next year I plan to open my first Real Madrid, I will open a central account in bark. I will earn my first million)).

Juan Edwards 17.06.2022

About three months ago I opened an account with them while the flight is normal. I did not notice any jambs. I have not yet withdrew the money if there are problems to unsubscribe.

Joseph Maxwell 21.06.2022

There is a regulator, you can trade without tension, the profit is taken out on time, more often within a few hours. For traders, all the conditions for full trade have been created, access to many higher -level banks, exchanges.

Peter Payne 07.07.2022

Graphs like everyone else, they themselves do not finish anything. My experience in this DC is a year, during which time I studied the company enough to draw conclusions. Those who do not have an account in Marwick investments limited- I advise you to start and try the quality of execution yourself.

Michael Reed 14.07.2022

They suggested on the forums that there is a free server here, well, I read in more detail and decided to make a small score for the test. I put an adviser, Marwick investments limited works well, so far I am completely satisfied. So I looked at the company a lot of all-reason, probably in choosing a broker I will dwell on Marwick investments limited.

Cecil Wilson 27.07.2022

I have been trading for more than a year, the conclusion is fast. While I tried the account Marwick investments limited I was satisfied with the conditions and execution. Good analytical support on the site. And many promotions and contests.

Edward Jones 29.07.2022

For a couple of years, only at Marwick investments limited trading, there is no habit of changing the broker all the more so if everything suits. I have always found a common language with support, quite adequately respond and help.

Danny Russell 29.07.2022

Marwick investments limited- A good broker for both beginners and bearded traders. Obviously not a kitchen. The market has long been on the market. Comfortable trade conditions, good client services, discipline, sobriety, adequacy, unnecessary DC specialists, brevity and conversation in essence, honest presentation of material on the site

Willie Henderson 20.08.2022

So far I really like working with this broker. I have long been interested in options for passive income, this according to reviews seemed the most acceptable and decided to start with it. At first I sorted it out, good, there are enough materials for training in the net. Now at the stage of concluding transactions and a small income has gone. Over time, I will switch to more larger transactions. I recommend that a broker, earn a real

William Rogers 22.08.2022

This is my first broker, he was very worried at first, in our time there are many scammers, and when you still have no experience and there is no one to tell you before taking each step, you think everything 100 times. At first I tried the demo version to touch my hands, then I decided to throw my money. Now I am confident in this broker, because I personally checked it, so I can calmly write this positive feedback. Money is withdrawn.

John Bennett 23.08.2022

The best conditions for scalping! Open the order and close it after a second without any problems. Not all brokers allow this. Do you want to open an extended order at the point from the current price? There are no problems either. Any company? No, there are almost no them, because the broker takes Oreders to the interbank market, where there is a lot of liquidity. Finally, the withdrawal of money from the deposit is free

Brian McCoy 31.08.2022

I opened an account with this broker, selling real money, not a bonus. I have been trading for a year and have not seen anything bad, although, in principle, knowing our reality was ready. The broker, as it should be and everything that is described in the conditions, is everything so. He took a return of a spread, an intelligent thing. I took more bonuses, it is also normal if the score is empty. But I still recommend real money, starting from 500 dollars, with full observance of manifestation.

Christian Ramirez 31.08.2022

I joined in Marwick investments limited in 2019, because it was the only broker that openly welcomed all the strategies, including the scalping that I used at that time. I liked the conditions and the fact that they do not have trading restrictions, for example, 99% of online brothels will have restrictions on the number of lots that you can open, or have minimal market distances, or temporary restrictions on stop-loss or take profit, Marwick investments limited has no restrictions.

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