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Рros and Cons: Keller Finance Limited review

Keller Finance Limited - forex broker review

Let’s start with a question: what company can be called the best Forex broker for beginners? Most likely the one which offers more, charges less and keeps the whole process as simple as possible, starting with onboarding and ending with the trading process itself. So it looks like our task is to find out whether Forex broker Keller Finance Limited fits these benchmarks we have just set.

So the starting point is we know there is Forex broker Keller Finance Ltd – from reviews or some people we know, or elsewhere and we are about to evaluate the company as potential partner in investments. Most likely we will start with its official website. The sequence of actions could be different though, but this is one of the first steps anyway.

The website simplicity and availability of information are two crucial points – 99pc of users would just close the tab for good if they spent several minutes on the site and still got no clue what company is and how it can be useful for them.

But this case is a bit different. From the very start, we see that Keller Finance is the Forex broker, which also suggests operations with other asset types, that the company is incorporated in United Kingdom. More information that is specific is just within a click or two from the home page, everything seems to be clear.