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DALEFOX LIMITED Forex broker gives recommendations: Trading rules

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Basic rules that will save you from mistakes on Forex. DALEFOX LIMITED broker top 5 tips for successful trading.

Nobody wants to lose an investment. And the market offers many ways to spend money instead of making money. So it's better to listen to professionals and choose strategies that generate income, albeit not the largest, but regular. And although it is impossible to avoid losing stagnation in Forex and the stock market, you can still balance your investments so that the profitability of some exceeds the possible drawdown of others. How to do it? Today the British DALEFOX LIMITED Forex broker will give recommendations.

DALEFOX LIMITED Broker: background information

Today, anyone can become a client of the company, even without trading experience. In case the client does not have an understanding of the market processes, the company has developed a training system. The site has tutorials, as well as a section with information materials that will help you become familiar with market terminology, understand market trends, learn about trends and how forecasts are made. Also, from informational articles, users can learn how to correctly decode market charts.

The terms of cooperation with the company are set out on the website. Here are the documents that regulate the relationship between clients and the broker, distribute responsibility, list protection measures (from cyber attacks and from financial scam):

Do you have any questions? Register on the website and wait for the company's manager to call you back. This way you will receive the first consultation and better understand the services of the company.

The contact details of the DALEFOX LIMITED broker main office, telephones and the broker's mailbox are also on the website, send any technical requests there (they will be forwarded to the support service):

The broker's fees are set out on the Account Types page, where you will see three basic rates:

The first installment is 250 euros, which is enough to start trading by accessing the web terminal:

What does DALEFOX LIMITED broker recommend?

Any trade is an area of financial risks. It's one thing if a person falls for a scam and becomes a victim of skillful fraudsters. But many cases of investment loss are related to something else: the inability to properly dispose of funds, attempts to earn a lot at once, etc.

In order to safely trade in the stock market and Forex, DALEFOX LIMITED broker has compiled top 5 recommendations for its clients:

Don't invest in dubious projects.

If you come across an advertisement where you are promised 300% per annum, immediately ask yourself a question - why does this broker promise three times more than its colleagues? Usually all fabulous guarantees are nothing more than a trap for inexperienced traders who invest in scam projects, scams and various adventures.

Do not invest more than 20%.

You should not risk your entire family budget, business proceeds or family capital. Alas, the market may not work as you expected. Even the most experienced traders make mistakes at times. So that the loss load does not lead to critical consequences, it makes sense to invest no more than 20% of income. Even if it is only 1000 euros, you can multiply it.

Learn to diversify risks.

It is not worth investing the entire amount in one asset. Of course, if you have 200 euros and you buy 2 shares of an American company, then you do not have the opportunity to "distribute the eggs in different baskets", but in most cases you still have the opportunity to invest some of the money in quick sales (in currency, for example), and other parts in long-term investments (like precious metals, commodities or indices).

Don't buy strategies.

There is no one recipe for success, so it always makes sense to learn how to trade and create your own strategy. In addition, scammers often trade in "ready-made" successful advice for money. An honest broker will provide you with a trading platform and professional advice.

Do not cooperate with companies "overseas".

If you decide to choose a broker in an exotic country (for example, because of its seemingly very favorable tariffs), make sure that its laws suit you. After all, the company operates within the framework of the law of the region where its legal address is. This is why it makes sense to choose European or American brokers.

Comments (12)

Howard Ethan 04.12.2021

Good broker, fast input and output, very small slipping and efficient customer service. I am satisfied with this brokerage company. Excellent customer service, they are very helpful and experienced in forex trading. I always get the necessary support.

Hill Harry 04.12.2021

The support service is very sensitive to customer problems. They immediately engage in all of my trading problems and needs. Excellent Broker Forex. The output occurs smoothly. I have been using this brokerage service for several months, and they are invariably good.

Fisher Edward 08.12.2021

Like the types of accounts and the speed of the support of the support. Could be simpler verification, but now so everywhere. Very sensible guys like me.

Bruce Joseph 22.12.2021

I really delighted the services of this broker. I can consider them one of the best forex brokers in the industry. Authoritative and professional trading brokers. I am very pleased with the results of trading over the past few months of work with them.

Bond Edmund 27.12.2021

Broker, who knows how to please. Stable systems, good conditions and smart support. Recently, good dax shares were also held again and again.

Carr Leon 02.01.2022

It was always one of my favorites, and now they moved to Malta, there are no more problems with the United Kingdom, and, above all, everything is fine and safely in the EU. In addition, interesting promotions are always carried out, for example, 0.5 spreads to DAX. And what I always wanted is super good support.

Ryan Robert 17.01.2022

In my opinion, one of the best brokers in Europe. The range of goods and services is quite large, and the conditions are generally good. The manager will help you to establish work, and in case the support service will help.

Leonard Godwin 23.01.2022

I have been working there for two months and I can not complain. Fast opening and useful support. Until now, everything went smoothly, and I could trade all what I wanted.

Wilcox Elmer 31.01.2022

Very good new standard account proposal, DAX spread below 1 point, immediate execution of orders. I still have no problems.

Robbins Job 08.02.2022

The new HTML5-based platform is still a little undershot. But despite the fact that it is a beta version, there are already many cool tools in it.

Palmer Anthony 11.02.2022

Very good broker. There are no problems with the output of funds, so you should not worry. In addition, here are very understandable platforms. They also have a lot of trainings and a new educational program. A stable broker with whom to cooperate. Keeps the level, pays on time, has many favorable and interesting proposals. Service is also worthy. I am a bargaining unprofessional, so I can not estimate the broker on a more advanced level, but I personally sue me personally.

Lane Timothy 21.02.2022

For me dalefox limited is the best broker. Good spreads, fast platform, lack of fraud. And they send you a tax return at the end of the year, which eliminates you from unnecessary trouble.

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