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CAPartners: user cheat. CAPartners honest online broker reviews - overview. Honest reviews from customers.

From time to time, there are companies that provide intermediation services in the Forex financial market. In order for traders to understand who they can trust, our specialists have prepared a review of CAPartners, which offers services in the UK.
Our specialists read the website, information from open data sources. website - overview is a normal website with very little information. Visitors immediately get the opportunity to see the tariff scale, register and "start earning".
Contact details - telephone number and registered office address.
No information was found about work experience, received contracts and certified documents, algorithms for working with traders.
Also in the case of the review, our experts checked the data on the domain name. It turned out that the domain name had been registered for less than a month.
More data can really only be found in your personal account.
Therefore, we can safely say that very little information is published on the website, which of course raises suspicions.

CAPartners review - specific brand address

After checking the legal address published on, we found a large number of publications about illegal transactions related to Forex fraud.
Our employees did not disclose any facts indicating that a company operates at a legal address on
It is also worrying that the CAPartners address provided is not in the UK where the organization is operating, but in a different state.

CAPartners Review - Phone Number

After examining the phone, our experts identified references to its use in illegal transactions. In the past, it has also been used by scammers who pretended to be Forex brokers.

CAPartners Review - User Reviews

Another element of the review is the online review survey. On, we identified a small number of standard fake reviews with fake photos and fake names.
In search engines, the results showed our experts a large number of bad reviews and reviews.
Most often, users mention the inability to obtain their finances, the strange work of the software, disgusting behavior of employees.
This means that, judging by the reviews on the CAPartners network, they are scammers.

Gifts for creating an account with

As a rule, start-up companies that sell Forex services offer new clients gifts for registration. Usually these are various gifts, such as analysts' advice. However, on the website and promotional materials, we found gifts referring to the amount of the initial deposit. Keep in mind that these are investments that the online broker makes available to traders to trade in the Forex financial market, not some coins that go beyond the service.
This is quite suspicious, because with such bonuses, the time to get a profit from the client is delayed, at significant cost.
You might think that the reason is the extraordinary kindness of, but in fact everything is much simpler. The money cannot go beyond the boundaries of the system as all CAPartner activities are fraudulent.

Account types for CAPartners

On the website you can find many types of accounts that differ not only in their trading characteristics, but also in the size of the initial deposits. This is the standard technique of getting people into large deposits, setting up expensive accounts.
Investors can be promised personal assistance of specialists, insured transactions, access to confidential information. However, all of this is a lie, it only needs to be minted.
You need to know that no matter how much money you invest, it will go to the scammers because are scammers.


Leverage is a widely used trading tool in the Forex financial market that allows you to trade much more than you own. Missing deposits are handled by the broker. Organizations that offer their clients the ability to trade with high leverage take a serious risk and therefore only provide this opportunity to experienced traders. But CAPartners are scammers, so they use leverage to drive their clients into debt and obtain false loan payments.

Deposit return time

People trade the Forex financial market to get income. Of course, this is impossible without the possibility of withdrawing money. So the question arises: "does have a time frame to withdraw investments"? On the official website, our specialists found information that the withdrawal of investments is immediate and without any deductions. In practice, even reputable, legal online intermediaries do not always offer such working conditions. What's the catch?
The fact is that are scammers and do not plan to offer traders the opportunity to withdraw their investments. Therefore, promises the best conditions. But all of their offers are scams.

Reviews appeared before CAPartners created the site

As our experts already mentioned, the official website has been registered for less than thirty days. And yet on well-known portals you can find references from three months ago.
Most likely, before starting the scam, CAPartners employees paid for custom mentions on popular sites to give customers the impression that the company has been around for many months.

Some feedback about CAPartners:

CAPartners review - test period

The website does not have demo access to the software that allows you to understand the quality of the service.
CAPartners employees want the customer to promptly provide them with their personal data and pay at least the minimum fee.

CAPartners Review - Financial Withdrawal

Formally, the payment of the user's funds is made using a form on the website. I doubt any user can use it without a personal account. This means that the application will be handled manually, which is unrealistic with a large number of users.
Our staff concluded that this form is only to show future victims that there is an option to receive money, but it doesn't actually work.

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