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Advantages of forex trading compared to other financial markets.

Benefits of Forex trading

Forex is the largest market in the world and for several years has enjoyed undoubted success with private traders, traders who lead their independent careers at home with their personal accounts.
And if there are so many of them to turn to forex, it is that the advantages of the foreign exchange market are numerous and significant, especially for traders who are not hired by banks in trading halls.

Forex is open around the clock.

Unlike the stock market, Forex is a round-the-clock market, open from Sunday evening to Friday evening (French time).
This means that you can trade absolutely anytime you want, which is very convenient if you have a busy schedule.
This is really a great advantage, since you can start gaining experience in the Forex market while continuing to engage in normal professional activities, so that you can possibly switch to permanent trading when you are ready.

Forex is a free market.

Forex transactions are practically free. Brokers usually do not charge any fees.
There are no brokerage fees, storage fees, account management fees or anything else in forex.
The broker's remuneration depends on the "spread", the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of the currency at the time of t.
Some brokers, however, charge commissions on the volume of your transactions, but this type of broker offers very low spreads, see zero, which is equivalent to if you perform calculations (or even more interesting).

Forex is a market with many opportunities.

There is always a good opportunity to trade forex. This is due to the fact that the leverage offered by brokers allows you to earn a lot of money on very small variations, which increases the opportunities for profit.
On the other hand, it is quite rare for a currency pair to move without a trend for a long period of time, especially in relation to EUR/USD.
And if you trade other currency pairs besides EUR/USD, you will be sure that you will have interesting opportunities every day and every hour.
Forex is a market protected from manipulation.
Forex is also the largest market in the world. More than $4,000 billion is traded on Forex every day.
Thus, with such a volume, it becomes difficult to manipulate prices even with multimillion-dollar positions, unlike stock markets, which are often manipulated by professionals.
The only economic players who can really influence Forex are central banks, and market traders working in banks are no more informed than a lambda trader working at home about the actions of central banks, unlike what happens in stock markets, where success often depends on your ability have the right contacts and the right insider information…
Forex is a market "without traps"
Often, when you are engaged in stock trading, you realize that a good analysis has been canceled by the words of a manager or the signing of a contract that affects the price of the shares in which you are interested.
In Forex, there is an accurate and pre-planned schedule of publications and statements that can affect currencies (economic charts). Thus, with the help of economic calendars, you can find out when important statistics will be published, and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.
It should also be noted that the results of statistical data are available to everyone at the same time, both for specialists and for individuals. It is enough to have a good source of information, such as premium access .
Of course, we are not immune from unexpected and influential statements by the head of the Central Bank or a politician, but again, if we are informed quickly, damage can be avoided.
Forex allows you to make money on the ups as easily as on the downs.
Forex really allows you to bet on the rise or fall of the currency. Of course, it is also possible to do this on the stock market, but not on all stocks, and sometimes only through obscure "derivatives".
In addition, during periods of crisis, short selling of shares is often prohibited.
In Forex, the only difference between a down bet and a raise bet is that you need to click sell instead of buy, and that you win if it falls, instead of winning if it rises.

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