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There are no ready-made strategies! DALEFOX LIMITED scam detection team debunks myths

According to DALEFOX LIMITED scam will start by finding... DALEFOX LIMITED scam check tips

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A short list of reasons why any attempt to sell a trading strategy is a scam DALEFOX LIMITED experts help you figure it out.

Who doesn't want to make a lot of money sitting at home and reselling currencies on Forex? Advertising shows us hundreds of successful stories. As the British broker DALEFOX LIMITED describes the scam: "a beautiful package with a poisonous filling." This means that many inexperienced investors willingly invest in projects with incredibly attractive conditions (and then wonder how these projects could go bankrupt, and managers disappear with clients' money?).

Let's take a look at one of the most common scam schemes: when pseudo-brokers try to sell something to their clients in order to take their money before they start trading.

Don't pay in advance or you'll end up for scam warns of danger

How to determine that you have a swindler in front of you? According to DALEFOX LIMITED scam will start by finding several reasons why the client should first give him money and then receive a service.

Indeed, legitimate brokers first accept funds according to the tariff plan, and then provide access to the trading platform, without which trading cannot be carried out.

An honest scheme for starting cooperation looks like this:

DALEFOX LIMITED scam check tips:

The company does not have a website or the company is registered in a distant overseas country. In both cases, it is not worth transferring money. The first option is generally 100% a scam. In the second case, there is a big risk that the company will file for bankruptcy "according to overseas laws" and come out dry without refunding the money.

The company does not have clear account plans and conditions. If there are no documents and they will not be provided within 24 hours after the request from the client, it is better not to contact such a broker, he clearly has something to hide from the client. The lack of a description of account plans indicates that managers will try to knock off as much money from customers as possible, and this is a violation of all kinds of consumer rights laws and a violation of trade ethics.

As a result, a client who comes to the site of such a "strange" broker will not receive comprehensive information about cooperation. Then it is not worth starting such joint work.

The most surprising option is when a broker sells brokerage services without having their own trading platform. Basically, people pay for promises.

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Successful Strategy

Finally, the biggest deception, according to DALEFOX LIMITED scam will assure you that you can get a recipe for success on Forex.

It doesn't work that way. Currencies and other assets have their own volatility, their rate changes and depends on many factors. One political event can affect the value of all assets, not to mention seasonal factors

You need to be prepared to both gain and sometimes lose in trading.

Strategy is the ability to balance losses and gains so that gains prevail. And this means: invest no more than 20% of the capital, choose several assets, line up your steps in accordance with the goals. The strategy is being built, and not bought "ready-made". Therefore, it makes no sense to pay someone for his recipes for success, but it makes sense to hire professionals, with whom you will be able to build your own profitable trading strategy.

Comments (9)

Craig Benedict 13.12.2021

With this broker, the withdrawal of funds occurs quickly, and services are effective. I am easy to trade thanks to some useful tools and the advice of my broker. Services are good, and the signals work normally.

Hancock Shon 16.12.2021

The company makes many interesting proposals for traders. Thanks to the educational materials of the broker, I learned a lot about the promotions and CFD, as well as about the various ways of trading them. The most reliable signals that I used. I trading on Forex for about a year and did several times with funds. So far I am generally satisfied.

Warren Daniel 20.12.2021

There are dozens of brokers to choose from. Why will I focus on this company? Because when you do not understand something, usually everything is what you get from the support service. "Wait, we check your problems." Support service is a guys who are devoted to their work that can help you at any time 24/5.

Scott Lewis 12.01.2022

I was pleased with Dalefox limited Consultants until today, i.e. Almost 1.5 years. At that time I tested it on a demo account and stayed there, not least due to numerous support services. Software and selection of traded securities are also good.

Franklin Franklin 15.01.2022

I just like Dalefox limited Consultants, because there I don't need to worry about anything. Everything goes smoothly, and I always find everything, what I want to trade. In addition, the conditions are excellent, as well as software.

Hodges Daniel 21.01.2022

Good broker with a stable MetaTrader platform. Spreads in index CFD are very good. Execution suits. Support is also good and quickly responding to emails. In general, this is a reliable broker.

Elliott Jeffery 02.02.2022

I convinced me the fact that the broker has long been on the market and it is licensed. Therefore, I feel more safe. Moreover, while everything goes as I expected. Execution is fast, payouts timely, the proposal is worthy. I am not an advanced trader, but this is enough for my requests.

Skinner John 07.02.2022

Stable broker with a good offer. Excellent contact with support service, one of the best brokers for me. Full control of dalefox limited from the authorities gives confidence in his reliability.

Hampton Peter 11.02.2022

The largest broker, the best commissions, I trading with them almost from the very beginning, that is, more than 3 years. Very satisfied!

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