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Lost money and time - this is the result of working with a scammer

A detailed review of the InvestFW scammer and feedback from victims

InvestFW is a common online broker with a bad reputation. Let's try to understand why this trader has a bad reputation by studying the nuances of his work and understand: is it worth spending time on him?

The website and representatives of the organization report that the broker gives different programs that are used for Forex trading. In practice, our representatives could not get access even in demo mode. This causes concern, and accordingly we strongly recommend avoiding InvestFW - Forex Broker, in order not to get into trouble.

InvestFW - scammers?

The analysis should begin with the study of information from open sources, which are posted on the company's website. For the convenience of readers, we present it in a more accessible form.

The official address of InvestFW is Majuro Marshall Islands MH 96960, Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island. In fact, the company is a subsidiary of a company that is allegedly located in the Marshall Islands.

No one can vouch for the accuracy of the information. However, it is extremely difficult to find an office in this area. And yet, you can find a company on sites that collect data about offshore offices.

Of course, no information about InvestFW was found. There is not even an office with the same name. Therefore, our specialists could not find any mention of the head of the enterprise. So we can confidently say that InvestFW is lying to users and withholding data. The lack of management information is strong evidence of InvestFW's shady activities.

And if official data were present, this would not be enough. The Marshall Islands do not have the necessary permits to control and operate in the Forex financial market.

After all, offshore companies attract swindlers precisely by the lack of regulation. Accordingly, even the presence of an organization in the lists does not give confidence in its reliability. You can't follow the laws if they don't exist.

When was the registration of InvestFW?

The official website contains information that the company has been operating for more than 10 years. In addition, they offer the highest quality services all over the world and the employees are qualified traders.

In addition, we are shown various specialized awards, they broadcast about subdivisions in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. Clients are served by several tens of thousands of employees who work in regional offices or remotely from different parts of the world. It sounds tempting, but our employees decided to clarify this data.

The initial stage of the analysis was the study of the InvestFW website. To do this, our specialists received data on registration of a domain name. It turned out that less than thirty days had passed since the registration.

InvestFW - bad broker

InvestFW - scam

Phone number listed on the website. We check and draw conclusions.

Having studied the data on the phone number on the official website of InvestFW, our employees found that it was used by the pseudo-broker Comax Invest. In addition, a large number of fraud cases are associated with it, as evidenced by negative reviews on the network. Of course, this information only strengthened our doubts. Criminals do not even try to hide, relying on naive inhabitants.

What software does InvestFW work with? Metatrader 4, 5

On the official website of InvestFW there is information that they provide MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 software, which are already known to all traders as effective tools for playing on the Forex exchange. Alas, neither our employees nor ordinary customers were able to try the programs. The fact is that you can get access only by registering through KYC or AML. Systems are used to counter the legalization of profits. That is, you need to give InvestFW personal information, or rather:

Since InvestFW only pretends to be an official exchange trader, it is impossible to give him personal information. Such firms try to deceive regulators and hide information about themselves. In the event that personal data falls into their hands, there is a high probability of their resale to third parties. In addition, confidential information may be used for illegal purposes.

Work with InvestFW using a trial balance. This is real?

Sometimes, even the lack of information makes it possible to understand a lot about the enterprise. For example, InvestFW for some reason does not give customers the opportunity to test the software or enable a demo account. By law, all official enterprises are required to provide access to test services so that the user can test his strength using virtual currency and only then register on, transfer funds to the balance. In the event that there are no trial versions of the service, this is very suspicious. Our doubts about InvestFW are exclusively confirmed.

Some information about Meta Trader

Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 software is often found in legal enterprises that operate in a legal field. This is the best option for making money in the Forex market.

Leading positions among programs for the financial market, Meta Trader provided convenient tools for creating charts and charts, a large number of indicators, advisers. In addition, it is possible to use more than 10 thousand different developments and applications from experienced programmers. But, of course, in order to effectively use the software, you need to spend time and effort on learning.

Financial laws are not for breeding!

The presence of InvestFW units in Australia and the UK is also suspicious. Online brokers, for activities in these states, are required to obtain permits from relevant organizations:

These official papers are needed for legal work on the Forex exchange. In the event that they are absent, the company faces a substantial fine, and the directors - the need to answer according to the law.

To see if InvestFW has papers, let's look for information on the official website of Companies House (UK).

A few hours later, we still could not find the online broker in the organization's registries. Therefore, we can say that InvestFW is a scam. At best, they openly lie to their clients about offices and registrations.

Are you going to be a victim? Analyze information about organizations before you start working with InvestFW. Only brokers with a positive reputation and a decent period of activity are trustworthy.


We recommend to cooperate only with registered companies. Cooperation with deposit protection organizations enables official companies to guarantee the safety of traders' deposits.

What is the result?

The papers published by are dubious at best. It is difficult to say that this is digitized official papers or a photoshopped picture. One way or another, they cannot be called legal documents. Opportunities and responsibilities in the user agreement are vague. There is no data on the actual date of the appearance of the office, data on the owners. All this is applied in order to avoid liability to customers and the law.

InvestFW is a scam that pretends to be an official internet broker. This is a scam to extort money from gullible traders. Such firms do not last long. When} the number of indignant reviews becomes too large, they will disappear, but only to eventually return under a new name and continue to rob traders.

Can I try working with InvestFW? In no case!

Is InvestFW a scammer? Do they have official permits?

Of course no. Before giving your funds to the company, you need to check all the data about it. As a rule, scammers are not controlled by the law and have a hidden center that manages. In case of problems, they will not come to the aid of the victim.

It is impossible to file a complaint against the actions of criminals with one of the controlling organizations:

Civilized states will not allow the existence of dishonest companies like InvestFW. Therefore, prudent people need to avoid dubious organizations, not to spend currency on them.


The InvestFW organization has a negative balance.

Compliance with the law is an extremely serious moment, about which we constantly repeat. The presence of state control guarantees that firms will diligently fulfill their duties and the investments of their clients will not be affected. In addition, all legal organizations are required to protect their clients from loss. To do this, the regulatory authorities of the UK and the European Union oblige the company to provide protection against a negative balance. This prevents the user from spending more money than they have in their account. In the event that the balance still falls into a negative value, then the service provider is obliged to return it to zero.

InvestFW is a Forex broker that allows you to work with a negative balance. As a rule, this is used to ensure that a citizen spends the maximum amount of money by closing a hole in the balance sheet. InvestFW is a scam that spends users' finances and then demands to repay the debt using psychological pressure methods. In the event that this has already happened to your friends or to you, remember - you cannot give in. No matter how they threaten you, they cannot do real harm. There are no legal methods for scammers to take your funds.

InvestFW are scammers, not an official high risk broker. This is evidenced by the lack of registration and documents. Accordingly, the finances of InvestFW users will not be protected.

Big returns with InvestFW? Not!

Do you believe that it is realistic to earn income by becoming a victim of a bred?

However, InvestFW employees guarantee serious income, instant earnings, in the shortest possible time. Such offers are very tempting, but it is thanks to them that swindlers lure decent citizens into their clutches and steal their currency.

With the help of social networks, scammers create many pages that advertise fake services. A large number of Twitter pages, showing us "successful success": photos of luxury cars, data on successful transactions, holidays in prestigious resorts, expensive acquisitions. They act on the envy of ordinary users who want a similar life, they push criminals into the network.

The goal of scammers is to get your phone number or other contact. Immediately after that, InvestFW representatives will start spamming and calling, guaranteeing big profits, tempting to pay them immediately. The reasons for starting cooperation can be different, for example: combinations of celestial bodies and stars, the Mayan calendar, etc.


Some citizens may even believe that income will soon come. But InvestFW is a scam. Criminals will embezzle your deposits and try to steal more. The scam will stop only when the victim runs out of currency, or the scammers themselves decide to finish. InvestFW will easily announce that you need to pay even more to withdraw money, and will only stop when they decide that there is nothing more to lure.

InvestFW balance - how to withdraw, replenish?

On the official website of InvestFW, you can identify many options for replenishing the balance, like in normal companies. We failed to test the investment method due to AML and KYC. However, users invest money in order to earn. Accordingly, we are interested, first of all, in the way of withdrawing money. Unfortunately, InvestFW will not let you get your money back.

In addition, skilled criminals manipulate people so that they replenish their account as often as possible.

The principles of working with a broker are unclear, but in the questions section we found valuable information. InvestFW allows itself to withdraw funds for more than 90 days of inactivity. The amount of the fine is not specified. Thanks to this, InvestFW will remove illegal fees from clients that cannot be disputed.

In addition, the client simply has no one to turn to for help.

Leverage from InvestFW is another way to steal currency

And although it is obvious that InvestFW is a scammer, let's study another dubious nuance. On the website of the organization, you can find information about the opportunity to play on the exchange with a leverage of 1 to 400 or more. Nevertheless, from the point of view of laws, such a ratio is excessively dangerous. Because of this, it is not allowed in developed countries. Due to current restrictions, most law-abiding businesses apply leverage up to 1 in 30 or 1 in 50.

The exception is Switzerland, whose firms are highly trusted. Accordingly, it is Swiss traders who are chosen by experienced or gambling citizens who are ready to take risks.

Accordingly, in order not to be deceived, you need to remember the current leverage limits. When you see that a company registered in England is not able to trade on Forex with a leverage of more than one to 30. In the event that you are offered more, they plan to cheat. This scam works like this: the user is forced to take on a serious debt and transfer the funds to the swindlers.

Reviews about InvestFW from affected

Before investing in a dubious organization, analyze what citizens write who have had experience working with it.

Having studied special portals, media and social networks, our specialists were able to find an insignificant number of reviews. All positive comments are obviously paid, but the bad ones look like real ones. Because of this, InvestFW is a shady stockbroker who scams his clients. And if you are going to invest currency, we do not recommend doing this.

Are you planning to become another victim of a divorce? Not? In this case, check the firms and data about them, consult with experienced stockbrokers, and only then take steps. There are a lot of scammers in the Forex market, and InvestFW is one of them.

InvestFW scam scheme:

Is InvestFW really a Forex broker? No. These are criminals who steal funds from naive newcomers under the guise of a legal organization. Confidential information of InvestFW employees is securely hidden so that law enforcement organizations cannot detect it. This allows you to safely deceive users.


Results of our employees: InvestFW is a scam

Summing up, we will try to list all the evidence that suggests that InvestFW are criminals:

InvestFW is a scam. Our employees are 100% convinced of this. Rating from 1 to 10 - zero!


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